Guest Information

Some information for you.  The bigger topics (the first five) have their own page, just click on the image.

Getting to Perthshire

How to get to Scone and the surrounding area. (Click image for more info.)


Information and our suggestions on where to stay.  (Click image for more info.)

English Guests: Your Visit to Scotland

Some information on what else you could do while you're in Scotland.  (Click image for more info.)

Order of Service

A guide to how we're expecting the day to go. (Click image for more info.)

The Wedding Party

A who's who for the wedding party to get you started on the big day. (Click image for more info.)

Dress Code

The dress code for the day is formal. Highlandwear is permitted for non-wedding party guests and is positively encouraged!

The Wedding Monogram & Family Tartan

What is that design on the invitations and the website?   It's a monogram commissioned specially for the occasion and features intertwined Rs and Ls.

A new family tartan has also been commissioned, which will be worn for the first time on the big day.

Social Media

On the day itself, we would encourage you to use the wedding hashtag on social media so everyone can look for photos and videos of the day.


We'll have an Instagram account to tag too: @fultonmarshallwedding.

Gifts, etc.

Please rest assured your company on our special day is more than enough.  If you are considering a gift, we love anything with meaning behind it.  We are planning a honeymoon to California at the moment, so US dollars would be really welcome to help us continue our celebrations. 

Children & Plus Ones

We want you to enjoy your day celebrating with us as much as possible. Non-adult children can be included in your invite, but please provide age(s) in the RSVP.  For younger children, please bear in mind there are no designated play areas during the daytime or evening.

If you are the only named adult on your invitation, a plus one of your choice is included in your invite.  Please include your plus one's name in the RSVP if known at that point.