The Wedding Party

An introduction to who's who in the wedding party

The Grooms
Liam & Ross

Grooms' Parents

Pete Marshall

Liam's Dad

Sue Marshall

Liam's Mum

Agnes Fulton

Ross's Mum

Craig Fulton

Ross's Dad

Chief Groomsmaid/Best Man

Lesley Beveridge

Chief Groomsmaid to Ross

Lesley is Ross's best friend and they have known each other for over 15 years, since studying together at St Andrews University.


Lesley is assisted by Groomsmaid Jenny Henrich, who Ross also knows from St Andrews University.

Tom Fletcher

Best Man to Liam

Tom is Liam’s brother-in-law and lives near Liam and Ross in Warwickshire. Liam and Tom have known each other for over five years.  Liam is godfather to Tom's two sons.




With the kind permission of the palace, Cal will be in attendance on the big day.  Stand by for some tail wagging.

Cal will be ably attended to during the day by the Groomsman to the Hound, Robert Beveridge.