Venue & Arrangements 

Scone Palace
The Crowning Place of the Kings & Queens of Scots

About Scone

First things first... (for our guests from south of the border) it's pronounced 'skoon', not like the tasty bakery treat.


A much-loved attraction, Scone Palace is still a working stately home set in impressive grounds (roaming peacocks included).  The wedding will have exclusive use of the palace for the entire day.



We are not the first to set foot on this truly historic ground.  Scone was one of the ancient capitals of Scotland and home to the royal court for several centuries in the medieval period.  


Moot Hill, within touching distance of the Palace's entrance hall, is the actual spot where Kings and Queens of Scots were crowned.  Legend has it the hill was created by lords wishing to pay tribute to their new monarch 'on home soil', so the lords would bring soil from their homelands in their boots and tip it out onto the hill after swearing fealty to the new king or queen. Over time, the soil built up and became Moot Hill.


You may have heard of the Stone of Destiny, which in Scotland is also known as the Stone of Scone.  It was stone upon which ancient monarchs were crowned.  After its ancient use, for many centuries until its homecoming on St Andrew's Day in 1996, it formed part of the throne in Westminster Abbey.  It is currently housed in Edinburgh Castle along with the other Honours of Scotland (Scottish crown jewels) but will return to Perthshire in its new home of Perth City Hall in the next few years.

Scone: Location

Under guest information, you will find a full page about how to get to the area, but here is a quick overview of the palace's location.

Scone is just north of another ancient capital of Scotland: Perth.  Perthshire is quite central in Scotland and extends from the River Tay up to Pitlochry, the gateway to the Highlands.  For directional purposes, Perthshire is part of the modern area of Perth & Kinross.

The palace and surrounding area are within an hour's drive of both Edinburgh and Glasgow International Airports.

Arrangements & Accessibility Information

Parking, etc.

To enjoy your day to the fullest, we would probably suggest using the transport provided or taking a taxi from Perth, but there is parking available in the palace grounds.  Depending on circumstances, it is also possible to park beside the palace itself.



We are providing transport to the main hotels in Perth after the wedding.  Please see the updates page for information.



Although an historic building, the palace is generally quite well set up when it comes to accessibility.  The main entrance has stairs (shown in image), but there are other accessible entrances.  Once in the palace, the entire day will take place over one level in a number of different rooms.  Although the main toilets are downstairs, there are accessible toilets on the same floor as the day's festivities.  If you need any other information, please let us know.