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Updates - February 2022 
Last updated 18 February 2022

One Week to Go

Order of Service

Confirmed order of service for the wedding day.  Please bear in mind the ceremony starts at 1.00pm. (Click on the images of the order of service to enlarge.)

Parking & Guest Coach

There is parking available in the main guest car park, which is just down the main lawn from the palace.  Please leave you registration with the bar staff during the drinks reception.  Overnight parking is allowed, but please let us know your registration in advance as it will have to be passed to the events manager.

We can confirm there are seats reserved for all guests who have requested a seat on the coach.  There are still about 10 seats remaining, so if you would like to add a reservation, please let us know.  (For confirmation - coach travel is provided after the wedding, but not before.  We have used Perth Radio Taxis for the wedding party's additional cars and have found them to be quite helpful.)

Perthshire in February - Weather Advice

We are expecting quite normal weather for February in Perthshire (this week's storms not included, hopefully!).  The wedding has been planned to be entirely indoors in the atmospheric palace - roaring fireplaces included.  Please bear in mind that there is the potential for a short walk from your transport to the palace's main entrance hall, so we'd recommend you have a brolly available to you, dependent on the weather on the day.

Wedding Breakfast Menu & Evening Buffet

Our wedding breakfast is being catered by no less than the caterers used by the Queen at Holyrood Palace, would you believe! We have just confirmed the full details, which follow below.  


Dietary Requirements

If you provided your dietary requirements with your RSVP, they are already being catered for.  If you've not mentioned any dietary requirements previously, please let us know now.  In order to make sure everyone has a shared experience of the meal, the caterers aim to provide a vegetarian (or vegan, if required) option similar to the main menu.  As a result, they will confirm with us closer to the time exactly what they will serve for non-meat-eating guests, but it will be similar in style to the main menu.


A two course menu will be served to children and young adults: the caterers recommend a cut-off age as roughly about 14 years old, but if you are bringing children and have a particular preference, please let us know.




Pressed terrine of coronation chicken | mango, red pepper and curry emulsion, pickled sultana gel with miniature almond brioche


Main Course

Baked fillet of pork | topped with shitake and sesame crumb, miso crushed potato, sprouting broccoli, ginger beer poached carrots, and dashi jus



White chocolate panna cotta | lemon curd gel, pistachio sponge, mastic meringue crumble and yoghurt sorbet


Children & Young Adults' Menu

Main Course: Sausages on mashed potato, with carrots and gravy

Dessert: Sweet waffles topped with sweet treats and vanilla ice cream


Bar & Drinks Reception

A drinks reception will follow the ceremony and the guests' bar will be open to allow you to purchase any further drinks while the wedding party are with the photographer.


Evening Buffet

The evening buffet will be served while the band are on their break around 10pm.  Along with a savoury option, the wedding cake will be served, as well as tea and coffee.

Guest Transport

Guests Staying in Perth City Centre

We have organised a 53-seat executive coach to take guests back into Perth city centre (and towards highland Perthshire as this is the coach's return route) after the wedding, departing from around midnight.  The coach will make a number of stops:

- Travelodge

- Salutation Hotel

- Premier Inn

- Holiday Inn (near the Broxden roundabout)

(If you have another stop you'd like to request in the city centre, just let us know.)

Please confirm in the group chat if you'd like to reserve a place on the coach.  There is likely to be enough space for all those staying in the city centre, but the number is likely to be around 53, so we'd like to confirm exact numbers.


For guests staying elsewhere, particularly those staying with us at Murrayshall, we'd recommend pre-booking taxis - there is no Uber in Perthshire unfortunately!

Limited parking is available overnight for those driving to the palace on the day, but please let us know your registration in advance to pass to the palace staff.

Previous Updates from January 2022

With now fewer than 50 days to go until the big day (time flies!), our preparations are nearly complete and we hope you're looking forward to joining us and our loved ones to celebrate the beginning of our new Fulton-Marshall family.  There are a few changes to share with you, so please read more about them below.  Please feel free to pass on any updates to any family members or friends of yours also attending.

We will add further updates as necessary in February.  This page was last updated on 7 January 2022.

Covid Information

At the moment, there are no Covid-related restrictions for weddings in Scotland.  Weddings are, in fact, happily exempt from some of the general restrictions.

The only normal restriction applying to weddings is the wearing of face masks. There is an exemption to wearing masks if you're dancing...

Other exemptions:

- Households may mix freely

- Drinks can still be ordered directly at the bar during the evening and you can consume drinks whilst not seated

- The grooms and celebrant will not be required to wear masks during the ceremony


As we all know, things have changed quickly before during the pandemic, so we will be keeping a close eye on things and will let you know if we need to adapt anything.  Please see the section below about joining the wedding WhatsApp group.

Ceremony & Arrival

We've been working closely with the palace's wedding planner and are happy to confirm the ceremony will now take place at 1.00pm (previously 12.00pm) to make sure the day flows really well.

This will still give us the best of the February light, while making sure all of our guests are entertained throughout.


We're really excited to confirm our honeymoon plans - we will be touring California from the Monday after the wedding for two weeks.  Our first destination will be the ski resort of Lake Tahoe, before we head to the coast and San Francisco.

Originally we had planned to go to New Zealand, as you might have seen on the website previously.   New Zealand doesn't open to tourism until at least April 2022, so we're really pleased to have confirmed a fantastic alternative.

As before, if you'd like a gift idea, we'd be thrilled with US dollars to continue our celebrations.

Wedding WhatsApp Group

Due to the fluid situation with the pandemic, we have created a wedding WhatsApp group to enable everyone to be made aware of important updates quickly.  

The palace is also still in the process of confirming the menu, so menu information will also be shared in the group.

If we already have your number, we will add you.  If we don't have your number (or you're not sure) and would like to be added, please send your number (both guests if you'd like) to us at, by using the RSVP form on this website, or by Facebook messenger.

If you don't have Whatsapp or social media, please check back to this page regularly for updates.