Thank You

Thank You to All of Our Family & Friends
We had a truly incredible day and are so pleased that so many of you could make it, and that it went without a hitch!  We loved every part of the day and our only wish is that it could have lasted even longer.  Thank you all for making it so special.
We hope you truly enjoyed your time - especially to those who travelled from England, we hope you had a great time enjoying Scottish hospitality (and wedding traditions!).  We're now settling in to married after our amazing honeymoon in Lake Tahoe and San Francisco.  We just received our photos last week and would love to share them you so that you can save any of the day you like and any of your family and friends.  Our thank you cards will be in the post shortly.
Ross & Liam

Our Highlights


The Ceremony

The Grooms & Family


Guests Between Moments